Languages and poems and stuff

For a long time I’ve thought of Swedish as my adopted mother tongue – just now I realized that, logically, that would make English my adopted foreign language 😀 kinda fitting actually. I have to stretch my brain to get the words whenever I write English, even for example for this post, and that makes it come out a bit stilted.

At the moment I’m trying to write poems from prompts (fun!) but not managing with much more than getting my brain in a knot. ”Break me” was one prompt but it was too much work to try to make it not depressing so I gave up. Another prompt was ”Someday’s never” but I started philosophizing about what it really meant (you can’t write a poem without understanding the title; that’s just wrong). It could mean either ”The never that belongs to someday”, which is the obvious meaning but doesn’t make any sense – how can you own a never? Otherwise it could mean ”Someday is never” which makes sense but I don’t know how to get the reader to understand that I mean it in that sense.

OK, I’ll be quiet now. Don’t philosophize, don’t think.

Poems are fun, though, because you can utnyttja how the words sound as a kind of redskap, and there’s no rules so you don’t have to be all grammatically correct. And, if you say something that doesn’t make sense and is generally really stupid, just call it art and you’re forgiven. 😛 Hey, I should write a poem about that.

I guess I promised to shut up, so I should do that. I don’t want you to start throwing tomatoes at me… :S


~ av christa89 på april 11, 2008 - 20:03.


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