Reading in the dark

I wish there were more outlets in my ”cave” (my room). As of now there are two that I can use, which means that if I want to plug in more that two things at once I have issues. Right now I have some batteries charging, which can’t be unplugged at any cost until the little light goes off because they have a built-in timer of how long to charge. I also have to have my computer plugged in because I had it unplugged for so long it will die – don’t die, little computer!

So the point is: no room to plug in my light. And I’m trying to type in something I’ve written, so have to rely on the faint light my computer screen gives. I’ll be blind before I turn 19 😛 so I guess I’ll have to have noisy candles or something. Learn braille, and the works.


~ av christa89 på juni 4, 2008 - 23:17.


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