Welcome to Helsinki!

When in downtown Helsinki this evening we noticed a little blue hut on wheels: ”Rent a sauna”, it read, smoke wafting out of the chimney. I assumed they were showing the sauna to people and then you could decide to rent one to bring to your home. Little did I know you were supposed to use it right there, smack downtown.

But we come back out from the mall (Kamppi) later that evening, and what do we see? A bunch of half-naked Finns just come out from a steaming sauna. Wearing nothing other than towels around their waists.

I cracked up. Mom thought this would be an excellent opportunity to use my new camera – and really, when would you get a chance like this again? – so I pulled it out, and just then people started walking right in my way. Seriously, no one was there before! Just my luck. Plus, I’m really junk at taking pictures, so this is what you get:

The man coming down the steps has just come out and is wrapping his towel around him (as in: two seconds ago it wasn’t wrapped around him!), and the white figure on the steps is a little boy who ran all around the place with only his towel/cape thing on, which fluttered behind him. Leaving much exposed. The other sauna-goers are sitting in the chairs behind the people who decided to stand there leisurely as I was taking a picture.

Not like being naked is such a big deal as some people (read: Americans) make it out to be, but this was a bit much even by Finnish standards. 😀 What a day. And yet again: only in Finland.


~ av christa89 på juni 14, 2008 - 0:39.

2 svar to “Welcome to Helsinki!”

  1. Oh my, you’re right! That is a terrible picture 😛

    Not that the people standing in your way also obesrve things as they were unusual. And I bet they too are finns! So as you said, this is a bit much even by Finnish standards xD

  2. Some people have to be bad at taking pictures so that others can feel good about themselves.

    I guess I’m just a nice person.


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