Joining the masses

I have now completely gone over to the dark side and gotten Facebook. And I who didn’t even want to get a blog! Although now I almost can admit that I kinda like blogging, a little. Getting Facebook is really desperate though: next thing I know I’ll probably be playing Runescape! :S

The sad thing is, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be – beside stupid little add-ons like sending virtual teddy bears to each other (which reminds me of bebo). I mean, I, the social runtling, have friends! Or at least acquaintances. There were at least 30 people I knew, after looking last night (this morning, if you have to be all technical about it).

So that was good. The 19 notifications in my inbox when I woke up this morning wasn’t. ”Harry Potter* has added you as a friend on facebook.” ”Arnold Schwarzennager* has written on your wall.” Whoopdee doo. If you go and check every time you get one, you’re not going to have any life, I realized early on. Although, unlike other sites, you can claim to have a life (see my 9,561 friends?). So in a rare heroic spurt of self-control I decided that facebook can be checked max every other day.

I have a life! Neener neener all you facebook addicts! (Some may argue that I actually don’t have a life. However, let’s just not go there.)

*names changed to protect privacy


~ av christa89 på juni 24, 2008 - 11:01.

10 svar to “Joining the masses”

  1. Protect privacy? Since when do internet users who already have their name (or nickname) out there need privacy protection? And to be a bit mean: on a blog that is read by, what, one person? 😛

    The sad thing is that you need to get Facebook to realize that you have any friends at all… 😛

    Luckily, the Facebook, Myspace,etc. masses mainly includes Americans and hasn’t spread that much to the rest of the world (instead, the rest of the world has other similar and equally horrible sites of their own, which arguably isn’t much better at all!)

  2. It was a joke, the changing names thing. You didn’t get it. Now I’m sad 😛

    Put a link to my blog on facebook, and now I got like 18 views just today! Instead of like 2. So yay! 😀

    You mean you don’t like IRC-galleria? :O Not that I even really know what it is, just that it’s dumb.

    Thought you were going to bed… 😛

  3. I am going to bed. Soon.

    Poor joke. Only funny jokes are good (!).

    IRC-galleria, Arto, JubiiChat, whatever-that-swedish-site-is-called… they’re all the same. Sure, you meet people online, but you also do that on Runescape, on writing sites, on theme-based forums… The difference is the quality of friends and what you do besides giving virtual teddy bears 😛

    ”If you thought TV was addictive and unsocial, you have yet to try or new online social group! Meet people who are not what they appear to be, chat with complete strangers in a virtual world and spend hours and hours in front of a screen, neglecting your real life friends, family and pets! Your hours with the family in front of the TV screen are over. Welcome to the new world where everyone has their own screen and you’re ‘friends’ are never more than a mouseclick away!”

  4. Ha, you’re checking out facebook too! Bet you’ll get an account…

    And you wrote in English! I just noticed. (That is: it’s not as anmärkningsvärd that you wrote in English as that I totally didn’t notice.)

    The thing is, I don’t meet people online on other places. Cuz I don’t engage myself, which is what you’re always whining at me about. And now you’re whining again. I think you just like to complain.

  5. I love to complain! At least if the other person is arguing against 😛 Forgive me if I whine too much.

    I’ve never wanted you to engage yourself in ‘social’ websites. I’ve checked out facebook, but that was ages ago. And I even believe I have an account, but I’ve never used it.

    NOW I will go to bed! 😀

  6. Whining is cool.

    What should I engage myself in then? Saving the rainforest? Sticking out silly boxes in random places so other equally dumb people can half-kill themselves find them? 😛

  7. The latter sounds good to me. It sure beats sitting in front of the screen inside a ‘cave’ all day 😛

  8. Well, I can play solitaire in my cave. And I can read, or clean my room, or think. How much better can it get? (Ask Caroline)

  9. Asking Caroline would be like asking the cave itself rather than using it to learn the answer on your own.

    That was meant to mean that asking Caroline doesn’t usually give you any answer at all, but it turned out like a philosophical statement instead 😛

  10. Uuh, yeah. Your wisdom amazes me xD


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