Billowing gray smoke

Just a couple minutes after I woke up this morning, before I even turned on my light, I heard people running back and forth upstairs and the fire alarm went off! That tends to happen at our house, often because of someone forgetting about what they were cooking. But good to check anyway, so I went to look up the stairs.

Light gray smoke was billowing about up there, and Mom shouted to Cohen: ”Don’t put water on it! But we should put something else wet.” Whoops, I thought, and went back in my room to put some clothes over my pajamas.

I went upstairs and asked what was going on. Something had melted on the stove, I learned, and all the doors and windows were open. Poor Benji was barking and worried.

You know how burnt plastic smells? Really, really bad. What it was was a plastic marble track, you put pieces together, put the marble at the top and then it goes down this track. What it was doing on the stove while the burner was on nobody knows.

I woke up anyway…


~ av christa89 på juni 25, 2008 - 10:31.


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