Quick, use up all the oil!

On this page the signature ”tedious nonsense” commented about carbon emissions and said:

Look, folks, the only way that we are ever going to break our dependence on oil, and therefore reduce the effect that burning it may have on our climate, is to use enough oil so that it becomes prohibitively expensive. Make it so rare that only governments can afford it. That would provide the incentive for corporations to invest in other energy sources that consumers can afford.

So, take a scenic drive every day. Turn on every light in your house and mow your lawn twice each week. Enjoy really hot baths. If we all work together we can use up our oil reserves faster and hasten the end of global oil domination!


Well, that’s one way of putting it. And I guess it’s true.

So let’s get started and save our world, by helping it run out of oil!


~ av christa89 på juni 28, 2008 - 9:05.


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