Intrapersonal relationships :P

I’ve realized, for the umpteenth time, that being near someone too much like me for too long causes major problems. Not recommended. If someone is as stubborn as me, perfectionistic about the same kind of things, hyperly crazy, hot temper at times – not good.

On the other hand, if somebody has nothing in common with me, I just can’t figure them out. And am too impatient to spend time and effort to get to know them.

Both of these cases happened this week. I was going to have a contest with someone, how long we could tread water, but then took it back because I realized both of us would drown rather than give up. Another person I just avoid, as s/he walks around like a zombie with a kind of dopey smile on his/her face – no feelings at all as far as I could tell. Our only, very pathetic, conversation was short and about Finnish agriculture. Yeurgh!

I’ve found a handful of people that seem to balance me in every way. Why do we always have such a short time together?

Now I’m going to go pout.


~ av christa89 på juli 12, 2008 - 0:00.

2 svar to “Intrapersonal relationships :P”

  1. Thanks !

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