Long live hair!

I was reading the labels on the shampoo bottles in the shower today. There were two bottles from the same company, both were aloe vera but the one was shampoo and the other was shower gel.

The strange thing? ”Vitalizing Shampoo”, claimed the one. ”Revitalizing shower gel”, read the other.

This I had to think about a while. To vitalize is to make alive, and to revitalize is to restore something to life (in Swedish: uppliva and återuppliva). Shower gel is shampoo except for your skin, right? I never have seen the point of it. But anyway, you evidently have to vitalize your hair and revitalize your skin. Maybe a subtle hint that you should use the shampoo before the gel? First you make alive, and then restore to life?

And who thought up such complicated labels, anyway? All this rubbish about ”the tangible freshness of this product will soothe your perceptions and cause you to gather new strength”. My label would read: ”Shampoo. Use if your hair is dirty.” That, you understand.


~ av christa89 på juli 12, 2008 - 22:47.


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