What things I get myself into

Driving has never come naturally to me. It took me a long time to learn, no matter how hard I tried. And I don’t have a car to use most of the time at home, so during the year I’ve seldom driven, and then only around our little town.

Then I’m in Stockholm, and a bunch of us girls are going to sleep out at the summer house, about 20 min away from the convention grounds. And I’m about the only one qualified to drive. It’s our car so I’m fine with that, after someone rode with me once so I could learn the way. Plus we were using the family car, so knew all the buttons etc and was comfortable driving it.

But then we were going to drive to Denmark, also with our family car (while they’re in Sweden a week our family is using a 5-person car, and our van is going to Denmark, so that we would have a couple extra seats on the way there). There’s some freaky law about how Swedes aren’t allowed to drive Finnish cars in Sweden (and Finns aren’t allowed to drive Swedish cars in Finland) so I was one of the only available drivers. Plus it was ”my” car (that is, our family’s). This situation didn’t really appeal to me but I couldn’t do so much about it.

I drove from 7 am (only had 4 hours sleep the night before) until maybe 10, when Laura took over driving. She drove until lunch and then I drove again, we stopped for ice cream a bit before Malmö and then the other car which was following us wanted to stop at a mall for a half hour.

The next sign we saw for a mall was Fields, south of Copenhagen, and turned out to massive. I was panicing a bit, as my custom is 😀 , and didn’t know which way to go. Missed the turn for the outside parking so went down to the parking garage, trying to drive so the other car could follow. We got a parking ticket from the machine – first hour of parking was free, it said – and tried to find two places close together. We turned down the first aisle, no places, and at the end of the aisle you could only turn one way. Out. As in out of the garage. We couldn’t believe it, and started laughing really hard. So out we had to go, and fed our ticket into the machine.

”Welcome back”, the screen read. Ha. Ha.

Anyway, found a place to park outside, after having driven all the way around the mall in order to get back to the parking lot. Shopped and then left, heading towards Odense.

You can go 130 some places in Denmark (ca 85 mph). The other car didn’t like driving fast, so we tried to go slow so they could keep up. We went 30 km under the speed limit, and still left them in our dust. Sigh.

Driving over the bridges to Denmark was breath-taking. Had been over them before, but this just – wow.

Anyway, the point is, in one day I drove way way farther on the highway than I had done before in my life. And I’m much much better at it than when we left Stockholm. Maybe there’s hope for me yet 😀


~ av christa89 på juli 22, 2008 - 14:48.


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