Creative destruction

Imagine this: you buy a used book, rip the cover off, and take the pages one by one. Each page you scribble on, color, cover with stickers etc so that only a couple of relevant words are left showing, creating – a poem!

You could also call it a work of art, but I guess that depends on how open your definition of modern art is. (Usually, anything that looks like a 3-year old did it can be called modern art, so by that definition this would definitely qualify.)

Still don’t understand what I’m talking about, or want to know more? Examples and further details can be found here.

This is just too cool! Yay! If you’re going to wreck something, at least do it properly and with a random creative twist. Even I, who normally wouldn’t even fold over corners to mark my page (it hurts the book!) could consider doing this. Never to a good book, of course…


~ av christa89 på augusti 15, 2008 - 22:41.

Ett svar to “Creative destruction”

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