The joy of watching kids

I’ve been psychologically abused by a gang of 3-year olds! They trick me because I don’t know the rules yet: ”You can’t read books there on the sofa, you have to sit somewhere else, like the bench”, says Alvin, dead serious. Hey, it’s not my fault I’m gullible!

And this one boy is a real handful. ”Mikael, put down those rocks. You can’t throw rocks, it hurts!” He ignores me. I say it again. He puts the rock down, and then immediately picks up another and throws it at this kid’s head. I have him go say sorry and put him on timeout, where he stays until the second I turn my back. I turn around, and he’s trying to take the other kid’s tractor away. ”Mikael, for one thing that’s his tractor, and for another you’re still on timeout and can’t have any toys.” I bring him back to sit, and don’t take my eyes off him this time, although he still gets up a couple times.

Sigh. It’s actually a fun job most of the time, but can get quite exhausting.


~ av christa89 på augusti 20, 2008 - 22:58.

Ett svar to “The joy of watching kids”

  1. […] Or, their nanny’s skin, while the nanny is giving them a bath. I got quite decorated, I tell you. Happily, it washed of. Kind of. These things tend to happen to me. […]


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