For Velvet Verbosity’s 100 word challenge. This week’s prompt: faster.

Time is speeding up, or so they say. People try to do more in less time, making life more hectic. Ads scream: ONE TIME OFFER! and the masses throng the store to buy what they never knew they needed. Magazines give advice on how to get younger – yet relieving your youth can’t give you more time.

I see an ad urging me to hurry: I slow my steps. Sitting down on a bench, I bite leisurely into my apple. With all thought of urgency evaporating I obstinately deny the ticking clock.

For after all, rushing only makes time go faster.


~ av christa89 på augusti 24, 2008 - 0:35.

8 svar to “Faster”

  1. Very true. It seems the older we get the slower we want the clock to run, with the world urging us to go faster. I like the idea of slowing down just because something urges us to go faster. Well stated.

  2. Hi! Welcome to the Velvet Verbosity 100 Word challenge. Just curious how you found me?

    It’s true, it takes an almost stubborn defiance to resist the culture’s need for speed. It all comes down to profit of course, and individuals and businesses must dance a very delicate dance to keep things in balance. We have made great ”progress”. I wouldn’t want to live without certain modern amenities, such as advanced medical care, or indoor plumbing, etc. Sustaining this progress seems to require the selling of things. And yet…we can make choices.

  3. Hi VV! Found your site first through Stumble.

    I am notoriously stubborn – pull me forward and I will throw heart and soul into backing up – but in some situations this can actually be a good thing. 😀

  4. I’m not so good at the slowing down part…need to get better.

    Great 100 words!

  5. Very good. Very, VERY good. I like these 100 Words very much. Welcome to the Challenge.

  6. I obstinately deny the clock all the time also. My friends call it CRUM time. Afterall I have an image to live up to.

    Nice turn on the prompt.

  7. Very nice entry for your first 100 Words challenge, excellent theme choice.

  8. Oo obstinance is useful, I think.. exactly my reaction when anyone tries to hurry me along. Glad someone still rallies against propaganda. 😀


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