Poems and irregularity

I remember my first poem, which I wrote when I was maybe 12. It was really dumb, some sappy junk about sunsets and walking on clouds. It actually rhymed and all. It’s been soo long since I wrote a poem that rhymed.

(Actually not! I wrote one just this fall/winter, and in Swedish, too. Odd.)

The point, if I have one, is I like writing free-verse poems. They’re like how I think, so they become more alive. And just because they have an irregular rhythm and don’t rhyme doesn’t mean they have to be jerky. They’re just less forced.

Someone reviewed my latest poem and said: ”I felt the irregular rhythm of the 3½ stanzas was oddly… necessary.” Well, yeah, what do you think? You don’t force poems. If I had an irregular rhythm it isn’t because I thought it was ”cool” to be ”modern” – it’s because that’s how the poem breathed. So that’s how I had to write it.

And anyway, it would maybe be different if my poem was irregular and unrhyming. Which it is, yet isn’t. I have a rhyme – rain and pain – and I have two lines in a row that have the same amount of syllables (all that adding brushstrokes to my canvas./Showing new perspectives of myself.)

I guess that doesn’t really count as being regular. Mostly I just put spaces or line breaks in places that there should be a lot of air around the words, and if it all comes in a rush it all goes on the same line. Not anything fancy or complicated. Just what it is.


~ av christa89 på augusti 25, 2008 - 1:15.

Ett svar to “Poems and irregularity”

  1. Hsve you forgotten the poem you wrote in 5th grade? Something like, ”I saw a shoe, it was blue. It is true.” You did it for one of these scam poetry contests. After that you got every other week mail from them that they had choosen your excellent poem to be printed in a poetry collection that was ONLY 39.95$!!!!! ORDER NOW!!!! We got a lot of laughs from that!


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