Beauty is (only) skin deep

If you think I should change my blog design, please don’t tell me. I like it.

However, those who think I shouldn’t are welcome to tell me so… 😀

As my mother always told me: beauty is only skin deep; ugly is to the bone. Wise words, wise words.


~ av christa89 på augusti 26, 2008 - 1:25.

5 svar to “Beauty is (only) skin deep”

  1. I don’t like your blog design. I think you should change it.


  2. You need to change that picture at the top. It’s creeping me out, and besides, it isn’t well done.

    I keel you!

  3. Creeps you out? Score! 😀

    It’s your claim that it’s not well done that shocks and offends me. Me hax photographer 😛

  4. I keel you!

    (It bears repeating.)


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