Is Barbie a joke?

I was reading Barbie books to the triplets. I think it’s safe to say I’m not a girly-girl. Princesses are ok, I mean, it’s a nice if somewhat flowery story, the princess has hard times and then good times, often has to make a hard decision or feels scared or something, has to fight against evil, but the good always wins. ”You’re rewarded for your actions” kind of thing. For that I can put up with flowery kiss kiss prince-of-my-dreams stuff.

But Barbie is my archenemy. All the bad without any of the good. ”Math is hard. Let’s go shopping!” she says. And what is this teaching our children? Barbie hates school and likes to go to the beach. She constantly buys clothes and makeup and whatnot – not because she need them but because she likes shopping. Sigh.

At one point I actually got convinced that the whole thing is an ironic joke, subtle enough that only grownups would understand it. I don’t know the point of such a joke. What do you think – joke or not? Quoted from ”Beach Party Barbie”:

Wow! The sun is scorching! I think it’s time for a swim. My new bikini is covered in a pattern of pretty flowers, and it’s my favorite color – pink!

Then there’s a picture – I wish I could show it, but don’t have a scanner – of Barbie prancing along the beach in a bikini. I think she’s supposed to be prancing. It actually looks more like she’s standing with her legs crossed because she has to pee, and is trying to cover that with a fake (but pained) smile.

OK, let’s call it prancing. And maybe I’m just overly critical. But I have yet to grasp the ”charm” of Barbie.


~ av christa89 på september 2, 2008 - 11:50.


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