My hairy little friends

Last evening I was dumb enough to – again – leave my window open and the light on, so as to invite all the neighborhood mosquitoes in – I counted 24 of them, sitting there calmly on my wall, lined up and waiting to be smacked.

But I couldn’t do it.

They looked so innocent just sitting there, not even flying about, nothing! How could I massmurder so many living beings just because I got a few bites once from completely different mosquitoes? These ones maybe weren’t planning on biting me, so it would be utterly unfair to kill them.

I turned the light off and slipped into bed, and almost immediately I heard the unmistakable whine of their wings. Mostly they kept on the other side of the room and I was too tired to get up, go across the room and swat them. But when one of them flew over near my face I turned the light on.

The mosquitoes promptly stopped their persistent whining and landed on the wall, batting their eyelids innocently. ”It wasn’t me! It was that one over there!”

I still couldn’t do it. So with a sigh I turned the light off and pulled my covers over my head.

This morning I counted not 24, but 4 mosquitoes on the wall! And my three resident spiders were looking very pleased with themselves. I couldn’t actually see Wallflower, because she had as usual hid under the bed or something (she only comes out after it’s dark). But Alice and Pricken were having a nap, each in their corner, and each with a good deal of mosquito skeletons on their webs. Good old spiders!

On the first day I came I also saw one other spider here, an extremely fast and extremely large one. I’ve never seen one that big! And it wasn’t even a daddy long-legs that looks big but actually has a teensy little body. This was a mini-tarantula. He was also very shy, though, and scuttled into a crack under the trimming. I figured he’d come out again later, but I still haven’t seen him.

I’ll take pictures later so y’all can admire my diligent little bug-traps. 🙂


~ av christa89 på september 14, 2008 - 12:43.

6 svar to “My hairy little friends”

  1. I can’t believe you didn’t kill those mosquitos!!!!! What is wrong with you?? Asking to get bit….hm. And spider in your room….was it one of your friends I flattened here yesterday??? In your ”old room”….sorrrrrry! But I didn’t want to share rooms with it. Hope you had a good day….

  2. I don’t have *any* mosquito bites at all! 😀 so there.

    Poor spider! 😥

  3. Scary story, but I love the way you write about this!

  4. Thanks 😀 😀

    I’ve always liked bugs, though, oddly enough… it has always been me saving bees etc from my family who wanted to squish them.

  5. You fail.

    Those mosquitoes deserved the grisly death you should have given them.

  6. You wanna kill skeeters, Davis? Here’s an idea: get blood poisoning, then stand scantily clad out where there’s a bunch of mosquitoes. They drink your blood and get blood (food) poisoning!

    I’m a genius and obviously know how to give mosquitoes more grisly deaths than you do. I just don’t want to, so neener neener 😛


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