More spiders

My mosquito count is down to maybe three now, but yesterday there were about seven spiders perched in different places. It’s interesting how they have about the same body rhythm as I do: they start getting up and sluggishly moving about in the late morning. About the time the sun goes down they really start perking up and by eleven they’re really active. In the morning, they’re gone. The few that you can see don’t show any signs of life.

Here are the pictures I promised. I give my profound apologies for the picture quality, but I stink at taking pictures. If you click on them you can see them somewhat better. This is Pricken (”The Dot”, in English). He is the dot farthest up. The rest is his catch, or I assume it’s his as it’s in his web… Whoa. That’s some spider to catch all that.

And here is Wallflower, who is obviously somewhat bigger, but still quite small for a spider. Isn’t she cute?

Last night I sat for about 20 minutes (yes, I know) watching the antics of a spider – neither of those above – trying to crawl across the ceiling. I never considered how hard this is on a slippery surface, and this ceiling is quite smooth. The spider would test its footing each step of the way, but even so, every once in a while it would slip.

Imagine you’re shrunk down to the size of a spider, and have to crawl across the ceiling with just ropes and climbing gear. You pick your way across, holding your breath and trying not to look down, but suddenly you slip! Luckily, you’ve tied a secure line to the ceiling so you only fall a little ways, but your heart pounding, you desperately scramble back up the rope. Once up, you pause a minute, quivering, before you take a deep breath and continue on your way – falling several more times before you finally reach your destination.

Maybe this is why I dreamed about being up in a high tower last night?


~ av christa89 på september 17, 2008 - 13:06.

2 svar to “More spiders”

  1. You have a little too much time on your hand I think! You start by naming these sacks of mush, then move on to a daydream about being one, and end up with a nightmare! You’re weird!

    Also, it seems that part of your head is missing in your picture. Has anyone mentioned that? Or is that how they wear their Mascara in Denmark?

  2. Part of my head is missing, yes. Maybe symbolic.

    Another sign that I have a little too much time on my hands is that I’ve started reading War and Peace… I think I’m on page 53 of 964 >.<


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