Party party :D

We were over for a fancy birthday dinner with the extended family. The food was so good even I enjoyed eating – champignon soup as a starter, then ox fillet and lamb and about five different sallads, then finally some strange kind of cake.

And what a group! It seemed everyone was talking all the time – loudly, quickly, giddily. The one lady, who was maybe 70 years old, would suddenly tip her head back and let out an incredibly loud cackely laugh, usually not at something very funny. Another man was very tall and I think he had a fake leg because he didn’t hardly bend it, instead swinging it out in a sort of half-circle as he walked. It sort of jerked forward, and his other movements were rather jerky as well, giving you the impression of a robot that need oiling. He was also quite loud and outspoken. When they brought the dish of lamb in, someone asked him teasingly if he wanted lamb (they had evidently been through this before). ”No”, he boomed with a smile, ”Don’t like it.” ”Have you ever even had lamb?” they asked, and he said he hadn’t for a long time, but he still didn’t like it. When the dish came around to me someone asked if I liked lamb, and I said I had hardly ever had it so didn’t really know. ”It has a special taste”, said Mr. One-legged Anti-sheep. ”Tastes just like wool.”

Actually, once I tried it I could see his point.

This other man had blonde hair, small glasses, and a mustache (also blonde). He was rather quiet if others were talking, but a couple times most of the company went out to the kitchen or something and he started talking to another man about the stock market. He sat opposite lamb-hater, and every time the lamb was passed around he tried to give the dish to him, saying in his quiet voice: ”Here! Have some lamb!” He said that every time. Lamb-hater was too busy talking loud enough to drown out the others to even notice him, however.

And so it went on, and on, and on… I, the social butterfly, just sat in my corner and laughed quietly at everyone without saying anything unless someone asked me anything – which they for the most part didn’t as they were too busy enjoying the sound of their own voices.

Exhausting to listen to Danish in that kind of setting, however. If I don’t listen to a conversation from the beginning, I can’t really follow, so whenever several conversations were going I was kinda out. My brain had shut down in protest, so I the words just turned into sounds. You know how it sounds when someone has had a stroke speaks? Sort of mumbling, all the words are there but you really have to concentrate to decipher them. Now imagine about 12 people sitting around a dinner table – and all of them speaking like that at once, but loudly and quickly. That is what I (tried to) listen to for the past 3½ hours (and yes, we sat around the table the whole time). I am dead.


~ av christa89 på september 19, 2008 - 23:51.

8 svar to “Party party :D”

  1. Welcome to any European country besides Finland 😛

    This sounds like a gathering I was at in Denmark this summer. My friends sister and their grandfather had a combined birthday celebration with around 15 guests (me included). Family, mostly, and I hardly knew anyone. They were loud and cheerful in the way you just described. And even though I was a bit quite due to the fact I hardly knew anyone, I did participate and engage in conversations – after all, the 3½ hours would be rather dull if you didn’t at least try 😛

    Oh, and you sound surprised that people actually *talk* around the dinner table, and for several hours even… I find that odd. You never do that even at larger gatherings?

  2. I’m never at larger gatherings. Those I’ve been at were more kid-oriented, you at spaghetti and pie and then went and did something else the rest of the time. So yeah. France would maybe not be for me.

    I would have tried to say something, but as I said I sorta didn’t get what was going on a lot of the time, and when I did I often couldn’t think of how to explain it in Danish.

  3. Use English or Swedish. When we celebrated my dad this summer, 50 years old, we had some danish guests among all the Swedish ones. One of the danes was talking to a Swedish guy. The Swedish guy kept saying ”do you understand?” after almost every sentence. Finally, the dane (who understood enough) said ”I may be Danish, but I’m not stupid” 😛

    I think that summarizes it all 😉

  4. Uhm, yeah, stick out. Next step is to talk to strangers on the street.

  5. I think you stick out more if you don’t talk. Or perhaps not more, but at least in a more negative way. You’re either ”the english girl” or ”the girl who sat quietly in the corner”. You might not agree, but I’d say most people think the first is far better 😛

  6. I disagree – everyone was too busy to notice me.

    Plus you have to consider that sitting quietly in the corner is like who I am…

  7. True 😛 But is it *really* who you want to be? 😛

  8. I didn’t say anything about who I wanted to be…

    And right now I’m not feeling very philosophical, so I can’t even be bothered to think about what kind of person I want to be. I’ll take my own safe little shell, thanks.


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