The problem with printing…

Using the printer here is quite the process, so I try to put it off as long as possible. However, today I had to print a form to fill in and mail – the time had come.

You see, the first problem with this is the files I need to print are on my computer, not the house computer, so to print them I’d have to send them to my email. The keyboard on the house computer doesn’t work. Have you ever tried to log on to your email without typing – at all? Trust me, don’t bother.

Instead, I have to bring my laptop over where the printer is to plug the printer into my computer. Like at most people’s houses, the wires behind the computer are a mess. Like most people, they never bother dusting back there. Like most things, that’s seldom a problem. Except for when you need to follow the cable from the printer to the back of the computer so you can unplug the right one.

Right behind the computer all the cables are tied together, which is handy if you never have to unplug the cables anyway. Less handy when you do need to. Since I didn’t want to untie all of them, my computer’s USB-port had to sit max 10 cm (4 inches) from the back of their computer. So there I am, crouched in the dust underneath the computer table.

Unfortunately the family two-year old had fed the printer some crayons a couple of months ago, and the printer didn’t take that too well. Now you have to manually feed in the papers once at a time, which is a tricky operation as the printer only accepts it if the paper is in exactly the right position.

The result: for every paper I need to print, I have to press print, stand up, go over to the printer, fiddle the paper into the right position, press the resume button on the printer as I didn’t get there fast enough, and then hold the paper as it’s fed in. Then as I feed it in I have to move out of the way, or the paper will poke into my stomach when it comes out. The table the printer on is only big enough to hold itself, and the paper-catching tray is long gone, so every page shoots out onto the floor if you’re not there to catch it. Then to print the next paper I have to again crawl under the dusty table and press print.

Does it sound like it’s time for a new printer or something? Nah. More fun this way. It’s like camping out in your backyard instead of sleeping in your warm bed – you go out of your way to be uncomfortable, and call it an ”experience”.

I wouldn’t mind a new keyboard, however…


~ av christa89 på september 26, 2008 - 20:05.

Ett svar to “The problem with printing…”

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