Danish ”saunas”

Saunas in Denmark make me want to stand up, and desperately spit towards the heater – to make it hotter. I miss Finnish saunas. Being on the highest bench here is like being on the lowest one in Finland. Yet everyone, even grownups, sit on the very lowest or perhaps the middle bench. They carefully place their towel between the wall and their back. Sissies. Only four-year olds sit on the lowest bench in the sauna, especially such a cool one as that.

And then, just to widen the cultural gap, they talk. In the sauna. Whoa. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, more a matter of taste – as for me I don’t mind either. It just feels really really really strange, like if someone would start singing in a full elevator.


~ av christa89 på oktober 2, 2008 - 21:14.

5 svar to “Danish ”saunas””

  1. The Finnish sauna is also for sissies! If you think you can take the heat (as in Hades), you must try a Russian sauna or Banya. In the Russian sauna, it seems customary (to Westerners) that one must a) subject oneself to extremely hot temperatures, then b) go jump in a lake, then c) return to the Hades-hot sauna to get flogged with twigs, then d) go jump in the frozen lake again. So, what’s not to like about a Russian Banya?

  2. They do that in Finland too, Kevin. With the difference that before they return from the lake to the sauna, they may very well have a beer and chat outside in the cold for a few minutes 😛

    For me, it’s quite the opposite as described in the post. Sure, the finns are better when it comes to the heat, but the constant non-talking is, yes, just like being in an elevator. Horrible!

    And personally, I’d rather be talking in the cold than sitting by myself in the heat. But that’s just me.

  3. Well, yes, they do do all of that it in Finland too, but I would call that a ”full-blown” sauna, while usually you have a simplified version with only a cold shower.

    Non-talking is often quite nice. And if the quietness in the elevator bothers you, feel free to sing! 😛

  4. If I was the one sininging in the elevator, that would probably bother me even more than the silence 😛

    But hey, I’ve been in an elevator with strangers about four times sicne I moved to Gothenburg, and three of those four times we all started talking to each other. At one time it was because the elevator went up instead of down (and everyone started laughing), another time it was some guy who kept getting off at the wrong floor (he quickly jumped back in each time), and on the third occasion we were all discussing on which floor whatever we were all looking for was.

    You never see that in Finland 😛

  5. I got the sauna over here up to 116 degrees C, Finnish saunas are not wimpy saunas.


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