Grasshopper – Barbara Vine

This book is creepy and confusing. It starts out by telling a few unclear details about something awful that happened (what?). Then it skips 10 or 15 years into the future where the main character is happily married. It keeps this up for quite a while, hopping back and forth in time, evidently not feeling any need to clarify.

The main character is a girl (I forget her name – oh yes: Clodagh, however you pronounce that) who is claustrophobic. Sometimes this is described well – and you feel like a claustrophobe must do, that the walls are closing in on you – but other times it isn’t described well, and you’re thinking: ”Snap out of it! Get a life!”

It gets better though, if you can get over the first bit, and shapes up to be a half-decent book! Don’t take my biting criticism too much to heart. I just felt like being mean. It’s very satisfying.


~ av christa89 på oktober 10, 2008 - 17:29.


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