On blogging and princesses, or the lack thereof

It seems somehow that I’m always behind on writing about the books I read. It occurred to me that this might be connected to the fact that I finish a book almost every day. Thus I always have a couple of books lined up that I haven’t had the energy to post about yet. But post I will! (Somehow I seem to hear sighs – these book post probably aren’t very captivating for most of you.) Two reasons for this. First, that was the whole reason I actually started the blog, to keep track of what books I read during the year. Secondly, this actually gives me a lot of hits. People search for the title of a book and then stumble onto my humble page – which needs all the views it can get.

Enough, or perhaps far too much, about that subject. What is going on in my life other than books? Little kids. Tractors. Princesses, early mornings, being out in the middle of nowhere. Bad internet connection. Danish courses starting at some point, family swimming on Thursdays, very good homemade garlic pizza a couple of times a month. Yum! I guess that’s about it.

Today we went to Esbjerg, which is actually a good-sized city (and therefore by definition far away from here). Unfortunately, our activities were confined to going to Toys-R-Us, which thrilled the kids but I wasn’t as captivated. I found my way to the toy combines and tried to figure out how they worked. I saw a kit to make your own internal combustion engine! but it was out of my price range. I followed two-year-old Benjamin around, who marched about with gusto as if he owned the place and said ”Hi!” to every single person he saw. I tried to convince the afore-mentioned to leave the toys on the shelves. I felt queasy whenever we passed the frighteningly pink aisles and again counted my blessings on being in charge of a tractor-kid instead of a princess-kid. I’m allergic to princesses.


~ av christa89 på oktober 11, 2008 - 23:06.


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