Fall leaves

I found (picked? gathered?) these leaves today, and am planning to make bookmarks out of them. I’ve made two bookmarks already. My original plan was to write on the bookmarks the name of the leaf, just for fun – however, my biology is kind of vague. Can anyone help me?

Here are some things that might help you:

  • I live out in the country in central Denmark
  • These leaves were all picked today (October 12th)
  • I picked them purposely so that they would be the right size for a bookmark (that is to say most leaves on the plant could be much bigger/smaller)
  • Leaf L comes from what I think is a bush
  • A couple of these are from apple trees (I live on an apple plantation) – A, B and C I think. One is Jonagold, one is Gala Must, and one is Ligol.
  • I think it is E that comes from a fruit tree that has yellow apple-like fruits, except smaller. They look somewhat like yellow plums…
  • Either D or K comes from a plant that has very large leaves, and the other comes from a chestnut tree (which also has large leaves, but you know what I mean). Actually it could be leaf ”i”, too.
  • I had an oak leaf. Surely I should recognize my oak leaf? But I don’t :$ maybe I dropped it…

Help me!

Also, these are the bookmarks I’ve made so far (text is in Danish – maple and birch leaves). I’m going to put these in some of my bookcrossing books. Click on any image to see larger.

EDIT! a and e are apple, b is the yellow-fruit thing, and c is pear. Someone suggested that L is lilac.


~ av christa89 på oktober 12, 2008 - 16:07.

4 svar to “Fall leaves”

  1. HA!! found you! Nice picture of the leaves, how did you write in the letters?

  2. I found you first, so there!

    ”With a picture editing program, ”gimp” to be exact (a good, complicated and free program – search for ”gimp download”).

    What? You’re not going to actually help me? I’m disappointed in you. 😦

  3. Jaeg kan sprachen the Daensk!

  4. Ummm, Davis? You ok?


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