I have this picture on my wall…

It’s a city or something. I’m not quite sure. What I’m wondering is: would anyone actually notice if I turned it upside down? I would like feedback.

Here’s a link to my poll! I’d have rather put it directly on here but my blog had issues about that.

Please, write a comment! Should I, or not, and why? Have you ever turned a picture upside down (or thought of it)?


~ av christa89 på oktober 12, 2008 - 22:16.

4 svar to “I have this picture on my wall…”

  1. Why NOT hang the picture upside down?

    All polls should come from PollDaddy, otherwise they can’t really call themselves polls at all ^^

    And, i believe WordPress recently integrated a PollDaddy snapcode, allowing us to use PollDaddy in WP posts (or in the sidebar) 😀

    Btw, the picture seems to be hanging out of balance…

  2. Well, yes, it keeps getting tipped. I couldn’t be bothered to fix it (or even take the picture so that it would seem like it was straight).

    The reason why I chose this poll place was it was the first one I found that was free and you didn’t have to make an account…

  3. *Sob* Christa! DON’T USE FLASH! YOU RUINED IT!
    And the iso was to high too.

  4. Davis, Davis. When I take pictures of people you can usually tell who they are. That is like an *improvement*!


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