I do autographs, but you have to pay.

I have two whole subscribers! I’m famous! 😀

Well, I guess two isn’t a whole lot. But it’s more than infinity times zero… And, in the ten months the blog has existed, I’ve had almost 2500 hits. So could be worse.

(For those who don’t know, subscribing is signing up to get a message whenever I’ve written something new. You can do that by clicking here.)


~ av christa89 på oktober 17, 2008 - 22:12.

3 svar to “I do autographs, but you have to pay.”

  1. You’re obviously not counting those who subscribe to your RSS feed, it doesn’t show up there.

  2. I’d like to sign up, but it is too difficult. Fisrt I have to choose a ”reader.”Is someone going to read your blog to me then? It gives a list of choices, but I don’t recognize anyone on the list! Can I download or upload (whatever!!) a reader of my own choosing, for example, Santa Claus?

  3. @ Davis: Oh?

    @ Mom: Please say you’re kidding :S 😛 But ok, I’ll change the part on the right to make so you can subscribe via email.


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