A tear of movement comes to my eye…

Movement? Is that what it’s called? As in: I’m so moved, I have tears of movement!

My mostest middlest b(r)other Davis posted in my honor! And he who hardly posts anything at all.

So I just linked to his blog twice in a row. Now he needs to write once more to make up for it.

Johan also posted about me but just to tease me, so I’m going to refuse to link to him. Anti-ad: Boo Johan! Go throw yourself at the wall! 😛


~ av christa89 på oktober 21, 2008 - 19:07.

6 svar to “A tear of movement comes to my eye…”

  1. I’m not so inspired to write when nobody comments.

  2. No one can comment if you don’t write first, duh 😛

  3. Plus if you write something and sbdy comments, and then you don’t reply, then they’re not going to comment (at least on that post) again – get a discussion going instead of giving them the cold shoulder!

  4. Get a discussion going = be rude 😛

  5. Okay, I’ll take your advice.

    ”I HATE anyone that likes spaghetti!”

    BTW I’m working on a website of my own, it’s still in dev.
    And for some reason it doesn’t work in anything less than Firefox 3 or Safari. I hate IE.

  6. Make your site browser-friendly: http://browsershots.org/

    Cuz most noobs are IE-noobs.


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