Today. I’ve been going hither and thither for 12 hours now, just got home.

”Early” (my definition) this morning we left to go see this castle, which to my surprise was actually interesting. And for once I actually took pictures! Does anyone want to see it all? I could put them on here or at least put a link here, but if nobody actually could care less than I’m not so motivated. (Strangely enough.)

We came home, I scarfed some food down, and left for my first Danish lesson! :S About the first thing we did was review the vowel sounds. What kind of stupid language is so picky about their vowels? They say E is pronounced ”eh” and Æ is pronounced ”eh” and A is pronounced ”eh” – and then they say that sometimes A is also pronounced ”ah”! And then it’s wrong if you say ”eh” instead of ”eh”. Then we tried U and O and Å and Y and Ø and the second way to pronounce Ø. All these letters are said one way in Swedish and another way in Finnish and yet a third way in Danish – I can mimic the sounds but keep forgetting which is which.

So basically I need to ask my 8-year olds to teach me the alphabet :$

The other part of the class was (too?) easy, vocabulary and such. Every time we came to a half-complicated word he had to stop and explain it to everyone, which most people probably needed but I don’t as Danish is so close to A Sane Language.

Vowels weren’t my strong side (to put it nicely) in Swedish either. But now I actually had problems telling some of the sounds apart, and that has never never happened. ”Eh! Eh? Eh.”


~ av christa89 på oktober 28, 2008 - 22:36.


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