Rain. Again.

”Guess what?” we say to each other. ”It’s raining!” And then we give a dry, hollow laught. Because yes, it’s raining, but it has been for a month straight.

I’ve seen flooded ditches, rivers, fields, roads, even parking lots! We were going to get a picture of the last one, but didn’t get close enough to get a shot. One picture I did get was of the Omme Å (Omme Creek) which is near us:

This is a creek. ”What a nice blue sky!” you exclaim. *Ironic laughter* Yes. That’s the direction we came from, but while we were there it was raining. On the other side of the car is a thunderstorm, including a small twister. And where we are it’s raining. ”Guess what the weather is now? Ha. ha. ha.”


~ av christa89 på oktober 29, 2008 - 1:05.


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