Cat’s Eye – Margaret Atwood

I got this book in the mail via bookcrossing, and read it almost the same day I got it! And waited a month to write about it. Well. We can’t always do everything right.

This book describes how a child sees the world, and how an adult sees the world, and how they don’t always overlap – and the problems this can create for the child. Adults don’t understand, so the child is left to deal with it’s very real problems on it’s own. It’s a wonder so many of us can grow up into functional human beings, in a way. I also liked her style, how she described things and her associations which were rather outside the box. I like outside the box.

The plot, however, and many of the characters, weren’t anything to write home about. Or to write on a blog about. So I won’t.


~ av christa89 på november 20, 2008 - 1:17.

2 svar to “Cat’s Eye – Margaret Atwood”

  1. margaret atwood is a personal favorite. i highly recommend you read lots of her stuff, like the handmaid’s tale, surfacing, the robber bride, the blind assassin, she’s awesome. well, ”she’s awesome” isn’t the title of one of her books, i just think she’s awesome.

    again, like her books, think she’s awesome, but ”she’s awesome” is NOT one of her books.

    glad i could help.

  2. I’m confused. I mean, I’m not confused, I’m Christa, but now I’m confused. Although I’m still Christa.



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