First snow

It snowed last night! And: I was actually happy about it!

My radical change in opinion can be explained by: 1) I want to go ice skating and, as there are no indoor rinks available near here, it has to be outside. And being cold enough to have snow and being cold enough to make an outdoor rink kinda are connected. 2) I don’t have to bike to school in the snow while it’s still too dark to see what you’re riding on.

Benjamin just couldn’t figure this snow business out! xD We went outside already at 8:30 or so, and first he didn’t even dare walk on it. What happened to the grass? It’s funny colored! I managed to scrape together enough to make a snowball, and what do you know! Snow is something that can turn into a ball! We went on our usual walk around the yard, and came to the big waterpuddle that Ben usually throws rocks into, to see them splash. Well, he picked up a big rock, and instead of making a splash it made a cracking noise and there was a hole in the top of the water (the water was hard!) where water bubbled up. I gave him a little rock to throw, and that one just stayed on top of the water. Strange business, this. We had a lot of fun though, and then went in and I warmed some milk for him and he drank it even though he usually is very suspicious of warm drinks.

When he woke up from his nap I brought him over to the window and said ”Benjamin, where did the snow go? It’s almost all gone!” and he looked outside, and he looked at me, and he had the most confused look on his face. xD Poor kid. I keep tricking him. He has this toy with a really annoying noise that doesn’t shut off automagically, so if you leave it it would run forever. I finally lost patience with that today and told him ”Should we go get a tool and fix that noise Ben?” That was a fun idea, he liked tools. So we got a screwdriver, unscrewed the lid, and took the batteries out. ”There! We fixed that, Ben! That’s good, the noise is gone!” He wasn’t completely convinced – we fixed it, so that was good, right? Yet somehow he still suspected I had pulled something over on him…


~ av christa89 på november 21, 2008 - 20:22.

3 svar to “First snow”

  1. You really should check out it’s free and works well!

  2. WordPress marked this comment as spam 😉 I wonder why?

  3. This is very typical Sorenson child rearing tactics, which maybe partly explains your specialness. 🙂


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