I’ve got a new website!

That is to say, I’m working on a website. Well, actually I’m still in the daydreaming-stage. Aww.

This way-off-in-the-fuzzy-blue-yonder website will as well as normal website stuff have my blog on it, as I’m sick of wordpress’s ”You have to pay us to edit the css” deal. Naturally I’m way too cheap too pay, so you’re stuck with my creepy eyes glaring sphinx-like at you. They are ESP-ing you to write angry letters to wordpress.

I want to have it planned before I start, so it will be done good and so I’ll be all enthused instead of the normal giving up after 15 minutes. The design needs to be as easy to change as possible, as before when I’ve made websites it hasn’t taken too long for me to see something that was junk and then the design was so complicated that it was impossible just to change one thing – it would have been just as easy to start over.

To talk about something completely different, I found a really good book today! It was an encyclopedia (yes, I know) with such good pictures! I just read the captions to the pictures that were interesting – although these captions explained a great deal, for example on how bones were built and the braking systems of cars! Whee! I only had time to read up to letter C before I had to go be social again. Strangely enough I refrained from entertaining the others with in detail information of this ”really cool” stuff I read, but only because it doesn’t come out like I want it to when I’m speaking Danish. Plus, the others were talking quite enough already.

”Nerdy antisocial hermit!” Yep.


~ av christa89 på november 23, 2008 - 23:03.

6 svar to “I’ve got a new website!”

  1. It had better be XHTML 1.0 strict compliant…

    Or else.

  2. DUH!

    Actually, it’s not going to be. Like my other page, I have to make an exception in order to force a box to come up for people who don’t have CSS, that says: ”n00bs! Get da CSS yo!” or something like that. And has a link to instructions on where to get it.

    Can send you the code if you want…

  3. Oh, also, I would be willing to do some PHP for it. And maybe some styling.

  4. You can make the skins work… *hehe*

  5. You mean, like with IE?

    I just finished making one of my own styles compatible with IE 6+, took me hours.

  6. I mean like in general. I can make the skins but making them work (cookies etc) is harder…

    Hey, I got a good page for you! http://sixrevisions.com/css/css-tips/css-tip-1-resetting-your-styles-with-css-reset/ This blog is good in general – subscribe!


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