I’m in love with a vacuum :)

Warning: shameless advertising! Electrolux haters beware!

I like vacuuming, sometimes. And I like technical things, and so technical vacuum cleaners are really cool. Especially if they eat things that aren’t made for vacuum consumption.

First of all, it is bagless, which means instead of emptying bags, buying new bags, etc, you just unhook the canister, bring it to the garbage, press the button to open the canister lid, and – wahlah! Plus, you can then rescue all the small beads and stuff you’ve picked up on the way (or just say goodriddance). The vacuum is made of see-through plastic, so while you’re vacuuming you can see the dust whirling about inside. Cool.

If that wasn’t enough, this vacuum is an omnivore. Some have probably seen the site will it blend, where they test what things the blender will blend. A lightbulb? No problem. A golf club? Sure. 53 toy cars? Yep. This vacuum I call Deidre the Devourer. What might give a picky vacuum spasms – beads, stickers, legos, small toys – aren’t even noticed. I once sucked up a dishcloth by accident, and Deidre kinda wheezed but she just kept on going until I took pity on her.

The best part was when, after several weeks of her being off-color, I got the assignment of operating her to see what was the matter. I could sort of see what was wrong, but it was way deep inside so I had to take it completely apart to get to the problem. When I finally got there, I found: a pen! This vacuum had been going strong for a month with a pen down her throat! All the hair that went in wrapped around the pen instead of continuing to the filter part to be emptied.

Ooh, a vacuum that can eat everything, that doesn’t use bags, that is translucent so you can see how it works, that you can take in small pieces! 😀 That is a vacuum!


~ av christa89 på november 30, 2008 - 18:41.

6 svar to “I’m in love with a vacuum :)”

  1. Yeah, it’s a vacum.

    Have fun.

  2. Deidre isn’t talking to you anymore *pout*

  3. Did you just say ”wahlah”? I knew there were lots of muslims in Denmark, but I thought you were learning Danish, not Arabic?

    Electrolux once had the best advertising slogans ever: ”Nothing sucks like Electrolux” 😛

  4. Well, I’d like to know how you’d spell ”Wahlah!” The official-ish definition of this word (if you didn’t know) is ”what a magician says when he does his trick”.

    Plus, if you didn’t notice – this language here is called English, not Danish. Last I checked.

  5. It’s actually spelled *voila* Here’s webster’s definition, free of charge 🙂 used to call attention, to express satisfaction or approval, or to suggest an appearance as if by magic. Isn’t English great! Though I think it came from French.

  6. Ha! Johan can throw himself at a wall!


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