Dead Voices: Natural Agonies in the New World – Gerald Robert Vizenor

Strange title? Yes. But the book is even stranger.

The main character, ”Bagese”, is a native american who claims she is a bear. Then she plays some kind of card game where she becomes/pretends to become different creatures, such as a flea, a crow, a beaver and a praying mantis. Very. way. out. there.

However, this isn’t a complete waste of paper! 😀 The reader follows the lives of these different animals, and they all have their own stories and personalities, that are just as complicated as those of humans. First you may think: ”A flea? Whaaaat?” but these fleas have group discussions, and make a battle plan to protest against the local exterminator. Yes. Weird. But not always in a bad way.


~ av christa89 på december 4, 2008 - 13:53.


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