Copenhagen part 1

I’ve put this off for so long that I’m almost afraid to start writing :S so I’ll write it in several parts.

It takes 3-4 hours to drive to Copenhagen from here – depending of course on how fast you drive. It took us two days. This was because we stopped to visit so many friends on the way.

One visit I remember in particular, the visit to Ærø. It takes an hour by ferry to get to the island, and two old ladies we know live there. These ladies like cake. For our visit – we were four that visited them, so six altogether – they served coffee, raisin buns, some pastry, and four cakes that were mostly cream. So we started on the buns, then took a big slice of pastry, then we realized that we were still expected to eat cake. Mark started serving the cake to everyone, in normal cake sizes, but one of the old ladies insisted we take at least twice as much. Finally when it was her turn she was so frusterated at Mark that she took the knife and cut her piece herself. A huge piece. The other old lady took the same. Then they had seconds! These ladies could eat cake like nobody’s business…


~ av christa89 på december 27, 2008 - 12:26.


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