Copenhagen part 3

And yes, this is the last part. Don’t worry.

The morning I was going to leave Copenhagen – can’t stay forever, the dog would be lonely – I was awoken at 7:20 am. For those who don’t know this, it takes A LOT to wake me at 7:20 am. I remember vaugely wondering if I was on the ferry between Finland and Sweden, with all the wine bottles in the store rattling together, but this rattling was too uneven to be the ferry.

I realized that the sound was things shaking on the tables. The pictures were banging against the walls and I pried one eye open to try to see if the picture above me was about to fall on my head. I figured it probably wouldn’t, so shut my eye again.

My thoughts were something like: ”It’s an earthquake! But it can’t be an earthquake, I’m in Scandinavia! Should I get up and find out? Or maybe crawl under a table or something? Naw, that can wait, I’m soo… tired…” 😛 I was way too sleepy to get scared or even consider that it could be serious.

So I’ve experienced my first earthquake! The epicenter (is that a word?) was in Ystad, southern Sweden. And the next day, Aftonbladet had in big letters: ”The whole house collapsed!” :O Typical Aftonbladet. For those who don’t read Swedish and aren’t the sharpest crayon in the box, it was a gingerbread house that collapsed.


~ av christa89 på januari 19, 2009 - 0:46.


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