Wordless Wednesday

I’m wondering if y’all would be interested in me doing ”Wordless Wednesday”? The idea is to, once a week, post without words – only pictures allowed. Let the pictures tell the story.

The thing is, my version of this dealy probably wouldn’t be on Wednesday, it would probably be ”more or less once a week”. Wordless I can do though. Pictures, however… I kinda stink. It took me over a hundred tries to get those eyes up at the top of the page.

So. Poll time!


WordPress stinks. It says you can insert polls into your post, but… doesn’t work. So here’s the options:

”Yes! Wordless Wednesday sounds good!”

”Don’t even bother trying.”

So just add a comment and write your answer in there.


~ av christa89 på januari 24, 2009 - 1:12.

3 svar to “Wordless Wednesday”

  1. “Yes! Wordless Wednesday sounds good!” 😀

    And polls work for me 😉

  2. yes- wordless wednesday! it’s like midnight and school starts at 8 tomorrow. you can only have wordless wednesday if you draw the pictures yourself. or get three other people who i know are good a drawing to do it for you 😛

  3. OK Co – you’re signed up. No excuses. I don’t CARE how good you are 😛 with my logic you just offered to draw for me! jee!


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