Ha. Ha.

My so called ”friend” has no sense of humor. To make himself feel better, he makes fun of me. He says the best radio program ever is ”Minnesota humor”. Well, I guess it is, per definition. But he considers that a bad thing. According to him, that is akin to liking British humor.

Talk about faulty logic! British humor is the best! So go stuff that in your smoke and pipe it.


~ av christa89 på januari 28, 2009 - 0:22.

3 svar to “Ha. Ha.”

  1. :O

    I said you like Minnesota-humor, I said you like British humor, and I said I dislike both. How’s that saying liking both is equally bad?

    Minnesota-humor (=the humor of that show) is humor with serious jokes that, well, just aren’t that funny. British humor is humor with jokes that attempt to be silly rather than genuinely funny. ”Act dumb and everybody laughs”-kind of thing.

    If you want real humor, watch realy comedians like Jeff Dunham, Ellen Degeneres or that mom-song woman 😀

  2. Yes. My dear mother likes that ”mom-song” also. I never thought it was that funny…

    And don’t be so picky – you don’t like either, you think both are equally bad… big diff!

  3. Hmmm. Is this a blog or what is it? Please discuss Monty Python…the only real humor.


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