Ben & Jerry’s

W00T! I was looking for an ice cream cone in the freezer disk (is that what it’s called) in Herning today, and in a seqluded corner kind of behind a pole I saw Ben & Jerry’s ice cream! Denmark is now officially in the Age of Enlightenment, despite their lack of ice skating rinks. Actually, B&J has probably been here quite some time, this is just the first time I’ve seen it.

Anyway, it ended up that I didn’t buy any, as I was going home by car, and it’s hard to eat from a bucket of ice cream while driving, especially if you don’t have a spoon.  I got a bag of sour candies instead, although once I opened it I found that you had to use your imagination for the ”sour” part. Plus some Evil Candy Designer had decided that the red ones should be cherry flavored! Not strawberry, not raspberry, not apple, watermellon, or even tomato. Do tomato-flavored candies remind you of cough syrup? No? My point exactly. I don’t want to eat cough syrup.


~ av christa89 på februari 20, 2009 - 22:11.


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