I had to go somewhere this morning at 8, and while we were driving someone asked me if I’d ever been to Germany. ”I guess so,” I answered. He gave me a funny look, so I tried again. ”I don’t know.” ”You don’t know if you’ve been to Germany?” ”Aah! Yes… no! Yes! No. No I haven’t been to Germany.”

They took pity on me and stopped asking questions. I’m not at my brightest in the morning.


~ av christa89 på februari 21, 2009 - 10:31.

4 svar to “Braindead”

  1. you HAVE been to Germany if you count that we changed planes there when we moved to Finland. You were maybe sleepy then, too. It was eaely morning if I remember right…

  2. Yes I know, but airports don’t count. I remember Luftstanstha’s (spelling?) bad service… >:[

  3. Lufthansa.

    And for once you’re technically correct, the international flights area of airports are international land, a bit like the American embassy in any country being American land.

  4. hahahhahaa that is so cute! I totally understand and don’t like these people who are ”all go” in the morning, making plans, and wanting to know all you know (dont) ……hm!


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