Tales from Moominvalley – Tove Jansson

I got this book from BookCrossing and the plan was to read it to the girls. The original version of Moomin isn’t too kid-friendly though, too many descriptions and subtle meanings. So after a while I just gave up and read it myself.

You know, Moomin’s not bad aside from all the publicity junk and happy-happy kid versions! I would have rather read it in Swedish, but this is a good translation so I survived without much gnashing of teeth.

Moomin is really, umm unique. It has all these funky creatures in it, with depressing personalities. Snuffkin who likes to sit alone, Filijonk who thinks a disaster is going to happen, the poor mistreated Ninny who is so shy she disappears completely. The hattifatteners who can’t talk, and only can feel any emotion during thunderstorms.

Gotta love the pictures though. Visually, I wonder if Moomin and Dr. Seuss are responsible for my… odd… drawings? Usually people draw fluffy bunnies or a smiling family in front of a house, but no-o, I have to do something like this:


I think I’ll sue Moomin for psychological damage. We want fluffy bunnies, not this! I’m scarred for life thanks to you!

Okay, time for bed Christa.


~ av christa89 på mars 19, 2009 - 23:39.


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