Wet tea can be wetter.

I’ve lived almost 20 years. I’ve drunk a lot of cups of tea, and taken many showers. However, I had never drunk tea in the shower. Before.

Somehow I feel some explanation is required? You see, I felt like a cup of vanilla tea, but I also felt like having a shower. I wanted to shower right away, but I couldn’t have tea after my shower because I brush my teeth in the shower. (I’m not crazy, am I? Look, a blue tomato!) So I thought: ”That can’t be done, can it? Anyway, you shouldn’t! Well, why not?” and thus it came to be.

It wasn’t the best cup of tea I’ve had but it was – how should I describe it – memorable. How I managed to pull it off remains a mystery, even to me. Try it yourself and see!

Now I imagine my mom telling my brothers: ”Don’t even think about it, this is NOT a possibility! Don’t listen to your big sister!” (Like they do otherwise.) And then her secretly going off and trying it herself.


~ av christa89 på mars 27, 2009 - 23:31.

2 svar to “Wet tea can be wetter.”

  1. I regularly drink coffee in the shower, well not really in, but near. I make myself a cup and then realize I’ll be late if I don’t get in the shower, so I bring it with. (Notice the Minnesota accent ending my sentence a preposition with!)Anyway, I must admit I’ve never seen a blue tomato in or out of the shower, so you are clearly crazier than me!

  2. I KNEW you would, I KNEW it!

    Toast in the shower doesn’t sound good, though… :/


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