Part two: I am lured into a bar

By lunchtime I had reached Viborg. I steered towards what I assumed was the middle of town, parked at a random spot, and walked in a downtown direction. My exact method actually worked pretty well! I found a walking street, and a little farther down an open square with a cafe on one side. If you look closely at the door, it says ”Kiosk & Cafe”.


There were all these mothers out with their kids, and old people sitting on benches, and students running desperately to catch their bus. Idyllic. So I walk in the door, and a cloud of smoke about knocks me over. There are maybe fifteen people (male and female) with ragged beards, and most of them have a beer glass in front of them. The rest have several. That wasn’t what I had planned for lunch.

They were friendly enough, though, so I didn’t really mind except for the smoke. However, when I got my food, I decided to eat it outside in the sun. Here is the rest of my appetizing meal, a ”pizza bun”. I wonder why it didn’t get eaten?


Coming up next: The Worst Tourist Picture. Ever.


~ av christa89 på april 9, 2009 - 20:02.


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