Part three: I see some water.

I was heading up to Skagen, the northernmost tip of Denmark. There the two seas meet so there’s waves coming from two opposite directions. This is not as dramatic as it seems.

I hadn’t really looked to carefully at the map, I just figured that if one kept driving North, at one point one would run out of road to drive on and then one would be there at the tip. I still managed to get a little lost, but it wasn’t too bad.

It was breathtaking and almost worth putting up with swarms of tourists for.


Big waves these were not, however. This was the best I could get:


Don’t look at all the footprints on the sand – this is ”untouched nature”, remember?

I was traveling alone so thought I should get at least one picture with me in it, to prove I was there. Consider 1) I had about 10 seconds to take it before tourists would walk in front 2) I had the sun in my face and 3) I stink at taking pictures. Just to warn you.


Even considering all that, this is pretty bad. And it’s the only one I got.

If anyone wants to see more pictures of sand and water but no more of me, you can find the rest of the Skagen pictures here.

Next: One Complicated Lightswitch.


~ av christa89 på april 13, 2009 - 23:47.

Ett svar to “Part three: I see some water.”

  1. […] äta päron påminner mig alltid om resan till Skagen där jag åt ett päron medan jag gick där på stranden. […]


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