Part four: No lightbulbs go on.

Q: How many Christa’s does it take to turn on the light?

A: More than there are available.

To my defence, hotels shouldn’t be so mean as to booby trap their rooms with complicated lights. After a long day and too little sleep, people might want to just push a button instead of taking an IQ test. But nooo.

I walk in the hotel room, the main room is dark, that’s ok.

The lightswitch by the door controls the light by the door. I go into the main room and look for the lightswitch for there. There is no lightswitch. I look at the ceiling. There are lights. Hmm.

The lights have switches on them, so I go over and try that. No response. I check if the lightbulb is screwed in. Yes. On the other side of the bed, on the bedstand, is this panel:


Seen closer as:


I push the buttons. One at a time, in combinations, holding one down and then pressing another, tapping in morse code, everything. All that happens is that the little red light goes on and off.

I go over and clap by the lights. I tap them, I stomp on the floor by them, I inspect them, I ask them in my most polite voice. I look around for some kind of manual. The TV menu doesn’t say anything and there are no books of any use. I have enough self-esteem left to not call the reception and tell them I can’t turn on the light. That’s when I see this:


Aha! Light = Comfort + Aircondition! But what is that supposed to mean? Am I supposed to somehow turn up the ”comfort level” and ”airconditioning” on this panel and then that adjusts how bright the light is? But that doesn’t make sense. (Needless to say, this brilliant plan didn’t work.)

Here’s the answer:


Yes, it was right by the door. Yes, I noticed the lightswitch which was right by it. But I didn’t read the sign. I was tired, okay? Sympathetic comments only, please. 😉


~ av christa89 på april 14, 2009 - 18:49.

2 svar to “Part four: No lightbulbs go on.”

  1. HA HA

  2. I choose to see that as a sympathetic ”HA HA”.


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