Part 5: What shouldn’t happen does

When I woke up Tuesday morning, in the hotel in Århus, I was really dizzy and disoriented – I just couldn’t get my thoughts together. As I hadn’t eaten since maybe four PM the day before, I figured that food would likely help this situation. (In a way, it did – but not the right way.)

Off I went, down the elevator and to the nearest food place, which happened to be the hotel’s buffet breakfast. They charged me way too much for it, and usually I would care. I got a glass of orange juice down, and half a bowl of cereal, and half an apple, but then I started feeling so sick that I decided to go back to my room.

This was so not fun! I was having a great time, I had lots planned, and I felt sick. Should I keep going anyway? What if it got worse the next day, when I was to be farther from home? The dilemma was solved for me by me running full speed to the bathroom with my hand on my mouth. No more travelling.

Then it occurs to me that no one is available to come get me (without me majorly messing up their plans), and I have to check out of the hotel within a few hours. Well. I call Artica to let her know what happened, and ”I can drive home, it’s okay”. As it turned out it was okay, I felt better once I was sitting down in the car. So much better, in fact, that I was very very close to just continuing on to Ribe, as was my plan.

I did do several ”longcuts”, including a drive through Nørre Snede, where Peter Høeg lives. I didn’t see him – maybe because it was raining? 😉


~ av christa89 på april 18, 2009 - 21:36.


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