Some observations:

  • There are now equally many posts in Swedish and English – I’ve caught up! (Not counting this post.)
  • I always get through writing about half the books I’ve read, and put off the other half for several weeks/months.
  • Some people get really grumpy about politics. *I*, however, only get grumpy if they don’t agree with me. 😛
  • I can play the harmonica!
  • It’s fun to play the harmonica!
  • Harmonicas are the third most annoying instruments when played by small children for the sole purpose of making loud noises. In second place is the recorder (blockflöjt) and first prize goes to… *drum roll*… the violin!
  • I get really grumpy when I have to be with people all day without having any time to myself.
  • Sometimes, logic just doesn’t do it. Even if you know something is right (putting a dog to sleep) and everyone tells you it’s right, you just kinda shut your eyes to it.
  • I still wish they would! Poor dog 😦
  • Chai tea with cocoa and chilli in: yummyummyum!
  • And, one of life’s unsolved mysteries: Are all Danes crazy, or just most of them?

~ av christa89 på maj 17, 2009 - 22:32.


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