Moving, the hard way

What do people do when they move? Young people I mean, that neither have a car nor enough stuff to be worth renting a moving van. Who are too young to be allowed to drive a rental car, and have no one available to drive them. Who don’t want to pay the zillions extra that it costs if you have extra luggage on the airplane.

Because going on the train certainly gets you a lot of funny looks. (One man stood and watched me struggle up the stairs in the train. ”Don’t trip,” he said. Thanks for the help! Someone else said: ”Ice skates AND rollerblades?”) I tried to discreetly shove my two backpacks in one luggage place, my suitcase up on the shelf and my bag with the ice skates and roller blades and winter boots dangling down? No room left for that, so it kind of stuck out into the aisle. I felt *very* inconspicious.


The three hour train ride from Jutland to Copenhagen took a couple hours more than planned. About an hour from Copenhagen the train stopped and showed no signs of going again. Bit by bit we learned that someone had jumped in front of a train, they had to clean it up and no trains were going on that piece of track so all the trains had to stop and wait. For a good hour. The conductors were calling different people to try and get us permission to go.

After a while they announced that the passengers and their luggage were to switch to a bus, drive about five km by bus, and then switch back onto a train. I did not enjoy this news. Brought my bags out into the aisle, at which point they announced that we maybe weren’t going to switch after all. I put a few bags away. We got permission to go a few kilometers. The already packed train stopped and about 50 more people got on. We sat there again, about 15-20 min more. Finally we got going, and once we were close to the main station I started getting my things ready – it took preparation to be able to carry all my things at the same time.

My left arm was just about turning blue as the train pulled in. Up the escalator, over to the ticket station, down the escalator, onto the next train etc. I was very glad for bed that night, not so glad to put my bags on my bruised shoulder in the morning.


~ av christa89 på juni 10, 2009 - 22:43.


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