Christa has Problems

This is getting desperate. In order to write to anyone, to blog, to whatever, I have to do it during my precious half hour computer time at the library. Yes, I had limited internet time before, but at least I could use my own computer, so I could write whatever beforehand in my own sweet time! Now I’ll have to write my emails on paper, and then type them up at the library.

So, blogreaders, here’s my solution: everyone comment here and tell me your address, and then I’ll have to blog via snailmail. As I have to write my blogs by hand anyway, why not just mail them while I’m at it?


Worse than that there’s no free wifi in the whole stinkin’ town, is that there’s often not even signal for my phone. Soon someone will be getting a letter from me: Help! Please dial 112 (911) for me, this bear is gnawing on my leg, and have no other way to communicate with people than letters!


~ av christa89 på september 10, 2009 - 14:07.


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