Christa’s going up in the world

My arches collapse when I walk, which causes pain in my knees. I finally called the ”doctor’s advice line” to see what to do about it, they recommended I go to a physical therapist, and the physical therapist referred me to a foot-and-knee specialist physical therapist. Off I went, hoping something would finally be done.

The therapist made plaster molds of my feet, and was then going to make shoe inserts that would hold my arches up properly. Wonderful! I won’t even need my ”dumb knee things”, my loving nickname for the rubber knee supports I’ve had to wear constantly for the past year or so.

But, those only fit my outside shoes and not my inside shoes (in Europe it’s common to change shoes when you come inside, to keep from tracking dirt in). Inside shoes are usually soft, almost like socks, or else sandals, and I need a good shoe in order to keep my inserts in place. So what did he recommend?

High heels, at least 2.5 cm (1 inch)! I always thought high heels were bad for your feet, I never thought a physical therapist would recommend them. But, he explained, there’s two ways to keep your arch from collapsing. One is pushing them up with a support, the other is standing on your toes. Wearing high heels, you can’t balance with your feet rolling in so you’ll naturally keep from doing it. Huh.

Now I own my first ever pair of high heels.



~ av christa89 på september 17, 2009 - 12:58.

3 svar to “Christa’s going up in the world”

  1. Stackars knän 😦 Men kul att du har högklackat. Så otippat xD

    Men vadå ”in Europe it’s common to change shoes when you come inside, to keep from tracking dirt in”? Vad lär du amerikanerna egentligen? 😛 Åtminstone i Sverige har alla jag känner på sin höjd tofflor för att hålla värmen, annars har de flesta sällan skor på sig alls inne. Vilket i och för sig kanske är lika konstigt det, ur amerikanskt perspektiv…

    Fast det är klart, där uppe i Norrland – och i Finland också för den delen – är de ju lite konstiga 😉

    Lycka till med knät!

  2. Your also deformed cousin has the same problem. We have done several things that seemed to help. One is to take certain supplements- help a lot. Also there is chiropractic care that can realign the bones in the foot. Also he does have the inserts and wears special shoes…meaning…go jog on a treadmill while being video taped and then step on gel pads…then they reccomend the shoes. He sprains his ankle very easily…then he is supposed to do exercises on this board thing…looks very unstable to me…anyway, would you like to try the vitamins? Your mom says you already take some.

  3. Sure, what vitamins?

    Otherwise, the shoes etc already seem to be helping a lot, although he said it would take a month or so for the body to completely adjust. I’ve also heard that wrinkling up a towel with your toes helps strengthen your foot, although not a lot and not until you’ve done it a lot.


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