Here’s something I wrote a year ago or so now, as I’m so slow at posting other stuff I thought I’d post this to tide you over 😉


The crowd booed, at first only quiet, stray calls, but as they got no response the cries became louder. There was shaking of fists, restlessness, and some of those who stood closer threw their programs towards the stage, which soon became littered as with stray leaves. The earlier cocky confidence of the performers that comes from being higher than the crowd was being shaken around the edges. A few shifted uneasily, one had put down his instrument and the lead singer gave a nervous cough, vainly trying to think of how to pacify the crowd. As the animal rage of the crowd was awakened, the performers’ desperation mounted.

Finally something broke, with a twang like an overstretched bow-string. The guitarist hurled his guitar towards the crowd, as a lion-tamer would throw a chair at the unmanagable lion, and the band fled as one man towards the backstage exit. With a roar, the crowd was after them, pouring over the edge of the stage like a river overflowing its banks.

It was a desperate struggle, and one that could only have one outcome: a broken-off tour schedule, something for the newspapers to scream headlines about for weeks, and a band that could never hope to regain even a fraction of its former success.


~ av christa89 på september 24, 2009 - 12:34.


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